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Wooden folding table lamp $30.00 PRODUCT CODE: FDL - 1. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $11.67 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 10 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Material : Pinewood
Dimension : 6*6*12 inches
A unique table lamp made of natural pine wood. This elegant and practical lamp is very useful in many different scenarios as can it folded and used in many different angles. It can be used as an office desk lamp or a reading light at your bedside and easily fits into any type of interior decor. Wire length: 1.5m Recommended Bulb: 230V 3W or 5W LED bulb (not included) Holder type: Pin type Price for a single lamp only.

Country of Origin - India

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The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of our objects, appeals to people with varied preferences about how their living spaces look and feel. The neutrality of wood as a decorative material adds value to many different types of interiors. Color and material options lets you customize the objects according to your living space.
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