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Cats cutting chai set $28.33 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $50.00 DISCOUNT: 0% TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Material : Glass
Dimension : 3 inches height,2 1/4 inch upper diameter,1 3/4 lower diameter
"Sip ‘garma garam chai'[pipping hot tea] from Pyjama Party’s funky range of cutting chai glasses,if chai is not your thing these little babies can double up as pretty,colorful shot glasses or tea-light candle holders!!Sip, guzzle or light them up!!

Cleaning Instructions:Kindly refrain from using and abrasive scrub on the outer surface

Usage:These glasses can be used to serve tea[or any beverage in only food-safe paints are used]

Length: 22 cm Width: 18 cm Height: 16 cm"
3 inches height,2 1/4 inch upper diameter,1 3/4 lower diameter

*Set of 6 glasses

ABOUT Pyjama Party Studio

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	 								Pyjama Party Studio is a fun,quirky very colourful brand,where we hand-paint, illustrate and design eclectic home decor products.

We've always been attracted to things that would normally be considered a bit odd, strange, at times even 'ugly'. But having said that we look to find 'beauty' in the oddest of places.

In our latest collection, I draw inspiration from Wabi-Sabi, the idea that beauty is imperfect, and integrates it with Pyjama Party's instantly recognizable, quirky style!

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