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Container - 1 205.00 194.75 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 75.00 DISCOUNT: 5% TIME TO SHIP: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Multi-purpose food and oven safe reduction-fired terracotta containers with lid. Can be used to gift/store as well as serve chocolates, roasted nuts and other dry food items, or even trinkets or any loose small articles! Oven/gas/microwave safe, they can even be used to bake and serve mini cakes, roast and serve nuts, etc. Dimensions :3.5” diameter, 3” height * as each piece is individually handcrafted, there may be minor variations in colour

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	 								At SACHI's, we manufacture and promote GREEN, RECYCLABLE and SUSTAINABLE products! We also teach POTTERY, ART, CRAFT & DESIGN APTITUDE! The studio is open for anybody who would like to connect to the soil, meditate, experience art and craft, or even shop for gift-goodies and/or chat over a cup of tea/coffee!!!

We offer small lifestyle accessory products that are both usable as well as decorative! So while adding value to your home/office/work-space decor, they also serve valuable purposes!!!

We work with a variety of materials including TERRACOTTA, GLASS, SILK, JUTE, CANE, etc. Read More