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When you step through to the door of a monastery (to be a monk), you are somewhere between the earth and sky. Divine yet connected to the earth.

Dimensions : 12"x8"
Medium : Oil on Canvas

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	 								Artist Bio :
Darpan Kaur is a Healer and a self taught Artist. Her journey into Art runs parallel with her journey into spiritual healing. The influence of which can be seen in the Art she creates. The Art is inspired, these are the images or the visuals that come to her during meditation and Reiki. She believes that the art carries it's own energy and goes wherever it is meant to. For her, art is healing, art is meditation, art is deep love and profound joy. One of the main influences in the art are Shiva & Shakti, and a lot of the art is about the different facets and aspects of the energ... Read More