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Seating - Sofa 2 36,000.00 30,600.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 15% TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 4 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Material : Pure Mahogany wood
Dimension : 860mm length x 580mm depth x 600mm height x 290mm seat height
1. FSC certified pure Mahogany wood
2. Body hugging upholstery styling
3. Fabric finish upholstery
4. Hi-gloss finish

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	 								A typical hardwood tree takes upto 25 years to mature. Along the way, it typically provides enough oxygen for half of our lifespan, fodder enough to produce 600 kilograms of ice-cream, and enough compost at the end of life to grow another tree!!!

All this, using love and fresh air alone!! Actually, just fresh air………. The love, is in the furniture we craft out of this hardwood at TimbreGrain!!!!!

Bringing together high technology, machines and craftsmen, we produce clean, modern, Zen furniture, which celebrates nail free joinery, and transparent coatings, so that the grain... Read More