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Set of 4- Hand-painted forest animals sippers $50.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $45.00 DISCOUNT: 0% TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 9 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Material : glass
Dimension : 22cms X 8.5cms x16 cms
Our adorable range of 'Forest babies'- hand-painted sippers brings the wonderful forest creatures into your homes or offices. Each bulb shaped sipper is painstakingly painted with cute forest dwellers, we've got everything from prickly hedgehogs to fluffy rabbits. If you'd like to help find a new home for these beautiful babies please place an order and receive your very own forest baby.

This listing is for four beautifully hand-painted sippers.

Size: 15 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms
Each sipper is made out of glass and is hand-painted with love, using non-toxic and waterproof paints.

Cleaning instructions: Kindly refrain from scrubbing the outer surface of the jar with an abrasive scrub, a mild detergent and water is best suited.
Straw and lid colours may vary depending on availability of stock *Set of 4

ABOUT Pyjama Party Studio

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	 								Pyjama Party Studio is a fun,quirky very colourful brand,where we hand-paint, illustrate and design eclectic home decor products.

We've always been attracted to things that would normally be considered a bit odd, strange, at times even 'ugly'. But having said that we look to find 'beauty' in the oddest of places.

In our latest collection, I draw inspiration from Wabi-Sabi, the idea that beauty is imperfect, and integrates it with Pyjama Party's instantly recognizable, quirky style!

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