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Kanika Kush
Kanika Kush
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Thanks for stopping by on our site. Then, on this page to check us out. Who doesn’t like attention? Before we start rambling about ourselves, we would like to tell you why is it that we are here, and why are we doing what we are.

We are crazy people. Crazy Indians if you may. We love the essence, madness, ‘jugaad’, spirit and character of this country. In big ways, and small; in its silly nuances and its miracles. All of it.

We want to showcase that. We want to celebrate it. Each moment of it, every detail of it.

The only limitation being, our life span; as we’ll only be able to 'start' to scratch the surface in this one.

Worth a shot, nevertheless!


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			 								Adi , a musician at heart and  by qualification, had a decade long stint in the corporate world after pursuing his MBA. Kanika, an architect by profession (SPA, New Delhi), and an artist from childhood was busy with Interior Design for the past 10 odd years. Together, they decided to take their individual passions and dreams to another level. Thus Kanika Kush Design House Pvt. Ltd. came into being.

The company Kanika Kush is an offshoot of the parent company.

Kanika Kush will provide to you an array of ‘India’ inspired beauties, ranging from Designer Furniture and Original Art to Collectibles and more. Here’s welcoming you aboard, to sing and dance with us, to celebrate with us, and take away a bit of India back with you.

Have a ‘Shubh’ day ahead!

What is your delivery time?

Designer Furniture: Delivery time will alter from design to design. It can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the distance between origin city and destination city. Every order is freshly made.

Kanika Kush Art: Delivery time for all Art shall be anytime between 3-7 days, depending on the distance of destination from origin.

Designer Collectibles: Delivery time for all Collectibles shall be anytime between 3-7 days, depending on the distance of destination from origin.

If a piece delivered to me is damaged, what happens?
We have highly specialized quality control measures that ensure that the product is up to our standards when you receive the product.


Can I cancel my order?
Cancellations can be made only in the first 24 hours from the time the payment reaches us. Beyond the first 24 hours from the time your payment reaches us, no cancellations are allowed.

Can I get a refund?
Once the payment has been made and the funds have reached us, refunds can be made in the first 24 hours only. Beyond the first 24 hours from the time your payment reaches us, no refunds are allowed.


Each of our designs shall come with our seal of authenticity represented by a logo at an inconspicuous place on the design. We would request you to check for the logo at the time of delivery.

Picture Vs Actual:
No two pieces (even of the same design) can be exactly the same, as they are freshly handcrafted from scratch post purchase.

All Fabrics are authentic and all Art is a copy of the original made by Kanika Kush herself. All the furniture designs are designed by Kanika Kush herself, incase you see a similar or the same design elsewhere, we can rest assure you, they have copied us. We thrive on originality and that is our USP alongside Quality assurance.


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