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Liz Jacob

With so many clothing options available in the marketplace for kids, why did we choose to come with yet another option? Liz Jacob is a clothing line that focuses on solving few challenges the founder herself faced while shopping for her young son. • Finding a range of simple and elegant western styles that appeal to discerning parents, at a reasonable price • A label that was concept driven, used handmade techniques and believed in the slow fashion philosophy where the emphasis is on the detail of each garment, and not on mass manufacturing • A label that focussed on texture, finish and feel of the fabric • Fabric prints that were differentiated The Liz Jacob range has evolved over the last three years to become everything that it has committed to be. We now source the softest of cottons that children will love. We combine artistic techniques of block printing, screen printing, hand paintings, applique and embroidery to create a range that is fun, fresh and creative. And, we support an artisan community and feel honoured to contribute to their livelihood. And what’s more important, we do limited runs to ensure your child is wearing something really exclusive. This is the reason why you don’t find our range everywhere.


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			 								I am an artist and the founder of Liz Jacob clothing collection for kids. After 11 years of mainstream corporate life, I decided to follow my passion of wanting to create playful, elegant and most importantly good quality and comfortable clothing for young children. I found it difficult to come by classy, subdued options for kids wear in Bangalore, when I set out shopping for my son. This inspired me to create a one-stop online shop for moms, who are already pressed for time, where they don't have to keep searching and can easily find an elegant range of formal wear, play wear, night wear and nursery decor. My signature hand-painted collection is a great gifting option if you are looking for something unique and special.

Most available items can be shipped out in 2 days. Only the exclusive range of hand-painted items sometimes take upto 3 weeks for delivery.


o All returns are subject to the company’s acceptance

o Replacement is offered for the product/s sold by the Company ONLY

o The Company reserves the right to accept the returned products on its terms and purely if any defect is found and notified to us within 15 days from dispatch of the product.

o The Company may at any point request proof including but not limited to photographic evidence of such defects

o Refunds will be provided only after the Company accepts the returns.

o If the return is not accepted, the products will be sent back to the customer at their cost

o You can ask for replacement of an original Company product/s in case of any defect found in the product and the same product/s (subject to availability) will be shipped to you as a replacement for the defective product

o Any decision on 15 day replacement guarantee on the product/s sold by Liz is at the sole discretion of the Company and decision of the Compan



“It was a gift and the recipients loved it!”

Appachu SkOctober 16, 2015

“your shop has a beautiful collection!!”

Sachi CtOctober 09, 2015

“Received the product and had big smile on face Special thanks as my daughter also admired it.”

Swati MoreSeptember 11, 2015

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