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The maker
The maker
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Ever wondered what a wonderful creation we all are… The Greater Force made us all!

Every small thing gets started with a discovery leading to a creation or invention. Remember ancient man rubbing two stones to create fire?

Every human being, animal and smallest form on this earth makes or creates something. Life is full of daily inventions.

No matter how big or small we are we all have the art of creating something new day in and day out. Take the e.g. of a small bird who creates its nest. All of us have an inventor/ creator/ maker hidden inside us.

Based on the above lines we present to you the concept of “The Maker”!

Welcome to the world of “Skilled Artisans” who are well known for creating magnificent handicrafts and world class products like hand-made bags that are cherished the world over.

We are aimed at preserving this ancient tradition of India and bringing to the front the unknown masters and heroes… This has been carried out from time immemorial and passed down from generation to generation!

We have a zeal to acknowledge and pat on the back these hard working individuals and get their workmanship noticed by the end customer.

A couple of Jewelry and Fashion Designers who were fresh out of college came together and did a lot of exploration on various materials for manufacturing bags. And during one of the brainstorming sessions it struck us that there is an already existing potential that is unnoticed and waits to be tapped. We sat down with these skilled heroes and noticed the beauty of it all… Thus, came the idea of “The Maker.”

We provide Skilled People, the opportunity to showcase their skills by collaboration. They bring to you the talent that thrives in the lanes and by lanes and small houses and villages of Rajasthan.

Also, we live in the 21 st Century which we can safely call the maker movement. The Maker Movement which marks the cross between handmade products and technology leading to innovation and design. We offer a unique range of products that are produced in collaboration of artisan handmade skills and technology.

Every bag or product carries a trademark of the style of the artisan that is reflected by their design. When it comes to technology we are pioneers of the acid wash technique on canvas for bags. We can proudly boast that this is being done by none of our competitors are using this technique. Thus, we uphold the ideology of The Maker Movement described above.


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			 								I am ANKUR TYAGI Graduated from pearl academy Jaipur even highly motivated and passionate about art I am more into innovating process (producing it from the origin). Challenging the design process through my experience. . I love to design clean, smart and effective works.  Even more into textile work so that change starts happening. 
Change starts from the depth of process and material that’s my design philosophy.


Items shall be shipped using reputed courier services. Please do not accept shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


client can contact within 2 days in case of any concerns,
and we will provide a replacement.



“very nice product..and special thanks to the seller for going out of the way for timely delivery!”

Sachi CtOctober 07, 2016

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