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Sripriya's Art Gallery
Sripriya's Art Gallery
Sripriya's Art Gallery

Sripriya's Art Gallery is a direct-from-artist gallery showcasing original artworks of exquisite beauty.
Each painting here is an original creation by the artist - Sripriya Mozumdar, available for direct and affordable purchase from the artist herself. Simple, easy to appreciate art from the heart - featuring the best of techniques in rendering realistic oil and charcoal paintings.

Sripriya is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai, India. She expresses herself through oil and charcoal, and focuses on work that is photo-realistic in nature. It is the beauty of the image and its details that shine through in her paintings. Most of the oil paintings are painted in a style akin to the old masters, as painstaking layer upon thin layer, over months. This gives them the clarity of colour, shine and detail.

Sripriya is especially happy to produce portraits - either in oil or in charcoal and you may contact her directly for commissioned portraits.


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			 								Sripriya Mozumdar was born in Chennai, brought up in Mumbai, is married into Bengal and lives and paints in Mumbai. 
An ex-marketing professional, Sripriya is a self-taught artist inspired by the art and techniques of the Dutch Masters. An observant eye and a fixation for perfection are evident in Sripriya’s photorealistic still lifes and portraits. They make one immerse in beauty and appreciate everything as divine, never mundane.
Sripriya says: “I paint out of sheer amazement – in wondrous awe of the beauty surrounding me. The mingling of light and shade, the separation of color and tone, the visible and even the invisible – the vastness within the smallest, the wonders within the mundane – they all make the world seem like one animated canvas.

My art is about humble adoration. From the luxury of pausing to stand and stare. Of a never-ending journey into the infinite. Of the attempt to discover God within the detail.”

Bombay Art Society's 123rd Annual Art Exhibition - Jehangir Art Gallery - February 2015
India Art Festival, New Delhi - January 2016
Affordable Art Fair Singapore - April 2016


Painting will be shipped within 5 - 7 days of sale.
Oil paintings will be shipped rolled in a tube through reputed courier company.
Charcoal paintings and any works on paper need to be shipped flat and pre-framed. Hence the cost of shipping will be higher than for oil paintings. All shipping charges to be borne by the buyer


While utmost care will be taken during packing and shipping, the seller cannot be held responsible for any in-transit damages.



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