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Sona Pottery
Sona Pottery
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I believe that more and more people need to experience the magic of great pottery that is also useful – At Sona Pottery you'll fine tableware, bottles, jugs, lamps, tea lights, fountains, jewelry and more. Hope you like it.
Each product from Sona Pottery is created with a uniquely creative twist – so that it looks and offers multiple and different aspects to its user.


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			 								A Pretty Pottery Tale - 

Giving up a full time job to follow my passion required exceptional courage. And also the energy and ability to go the extra mile - to excel in that passion.
After studying Commercial Art and graduating from Delhi University, I worked with communication agencies and specialist firms - creating graphics and content for mobile devices. While i wanted to learn pottery – I was challenged by the fact that the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust studio was located relatively far away from where i lived then. That too – turned in to an opportunity when branch of the studio was set up closer to where i lived – and eagerly took the plunge, four years ago.
My belief and passion for learning made me spend a full year learning and honing my craft. Despite marriage and motherhood – i persisted with my passion and now create beautiful and accessible pottery - suitable for use in homes. Believing that more and more people need to experience the magic of great pottery that is also useful – I create tableware, bottles, jugs, lamps, tea lights, fountains, jewellery and more for my growing tribe of buyers. I am particular about the glaze and finish in my work and also love to work with bright colours that stand out. My creative side manifests in my quirky creations – which are very different form the norm.
People are not very aware about great pottery and possess limited awareness – assuming it to be about stuff from a neighbourhood potter or mass produced wares. But I believe that the time to take pottery to its true space in terms of presence and appreciation is here and now.
Talking about growing my business – I believe that those with an understanding of my creations and who appreciate the experimental side of my work – given the challenges that exist in firing and glazing of my creations – have been able to get the best out of me. For me – an ideal customer is one who gives me a free hand to create something new and different every single time.
Juggling motherhood, home, marriage is not easy – but I look out for every opportunity to get back to my wheel and enter my world of creativity. Despite the challenges of production and even the weather –I remain firmly and passionately committed to pottery. Recounting my blessings – of a supportive family, financial security, and good health that allowed me to work on my pottery even during pregnancy – I can describe my work as “ addictive “ and something i cannot get enough of.
I believe that each piece I have crafted – tells a story. One that I have brought to life with my imagination and my hands. The ability to give form and shape to create something new with one’s own hands actually creates a bond between the creator and the creation. So much so – it is sometimes actually difficult for me to part with my work! I believe that the intense and passionate journey of creation - is what brings that special and extra something – to my work.


Some of my creations are quite fragile and it may not be feasible to ship. Please do refer to item listings if the product can be shipped or available locally only.


Each product is unique and I won't be able to provide exchange. Your satisfaction is important. Please reach out to me should you have concerns within 7 days of delivery.



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