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Narsimlu Kandi

Rural Whispert; is a collection of figurative art splendor. It is a riot of warm and cool colors used together to create a vibrancy that relates to the villages of India.

The fluorescence of the colors leave a deep impression on our minds and play all the right heart strings. The women clad in effervescent sarees with subtle prints and men in
traditional, organic colors project an unrivaled sense of authenticity.
It depicts an ethereal, rural, Telangana, where women hang keys to their mangalsutra and men wear silver amulets. They sport vermillion bindis that reflect deep rooted Indian culture. They

emulate scenes of confabulation where the locales converse with their eyes and share

glorious stories. Their whispers emanate from the paintings as we look into their mysterious eyes.
Women with money pouches tucked into their sarees, men carrying black umbrellas.

Women adorned with flowers, men relishing paan. Steel tiffin boxes and cotton jolis, are just a few of the minute details that help each of the paintings narrate a story of their own
and merge with an Indian conscience that has been woven in with a delicate hand.

These rustic figures are brought to life by Kandi Narsimlu in the form of sculptures.

They radiate Narsimlu, unsurpassed signature seasoning. Big eyes, vermillion bindis,exotic skin tones and intricate details in the form of jewelry.

They reveal true legitimacy and his works create a lasting euphoria in our souls.


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Kandi Narsimlu
Born in1972, Kaslabad, Medak,Telangana,India.
MFA (Painting)2011, JNA & FAU, Hyd.India
BFA (Painting) 1998, JNT University,
College of Fine Arts & Architecture Hyd.India

Honors and Awards
2016- All India painting Competition (Bathukamma) Govt.of Telangana.
2011- Gold Medal, Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad, India.
2011 - Chitramayee, State Art Gallery of Fine Arts,¬Hyderabad,India.
2010 - Potti Sriramulu Telugu university Hyderabad,India.
2010- Kalala Telangana, Conducted By Kakatiya NRI’s Forum.
2010- Chitramayee, State Art Gallery of Fine Arts,¬Hyderabad,India.
2010-The Hyderabad Art Society, HYD, A P, India
Solo Shows
2015 - Rural Whispers Aalankritha art gallery, madhapur,Hyderabad,India.
2014 - 2D,3D(Painting and Sculptures) Gallery G, Bangalore,India.
2013 - Rural Excerpts Alankritha art gallery,madhapur,Hyderabad,India.
2011 - Rustic Reflections Alankritha art gallery, madhapur,Hyderabad,India.
Group Shows
2015- Daira Art Centre, Hyderabad,India.
2015- Art Fete HAS and Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad,India.
2015- Telangana Rangula Pallaki Reves The Art Gallery,Bangalore, India.
2015- A tale of 4 Cities By DD Art Space,ICCR Art Gallery, Kolkata,India.
2014- Art As Investment-2 Tamkanat Art Gallery, Hyderabad,India.
2014- Hudud find rising Gallery Space Hyderabad, India.
2014- “art@telangana” Salarjung museum, Hyderabad, India.
2014- “art@telangana” Metropolis world congress,Novotel, Hyderabad,India.
2014- “art@telangana” Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad,India.
2014- ‘Ankitam’ State Art Gallery of Fine Art, Hyderabad,India.
2014 - Kotta Panduga State Art Gallery of Fine Art, Hyderabad,India.
2014 -'Brush trokes' at Taj Deccan,Hyderabad, India.
2014 -'A Maestro'Gallery Space Hyderabad, India.
2014 - Contemporaries of Hyd Tamkanat Art Gallery, Hyderabad,India.
2013 - Rhythm of Colour, Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai India.
2013 - State Art Gallery of Fine Art,madhapur, Hyderabad,India.
2013 - India Art Festival and Contemporary Art fair, Mumbai,India.
2012 - Gallery Space Hyderabad, India.
2012 - Sublime Galleria, UB City – Bangalore, India.
2012 - The Mute Shall Talk Gallerie Romain Rolland,Alliance Francase,
Presented Blue Art Gallery,Neew Delh,Indiai.
2012 - Gallery Space Hyderabad, India.
2012 - ”Rejoicing in Artists” AKS art gallery,Mumbai,India
2012 - ”Rejoicing in Artists” Prince of wales museum,Mumbai India
2012 - Renaissance art Gallery Bangalore, India.
2011 - Renaissance art Gallery Bangalore, India.
2011 - Genesis art Gallery Kolkata,India”Transformation”
2011 - Shrishti art Gallery Hyderabad,India”The Emerging Palette”
2011 - India Fine art, Gallery,Mumbai,INDIA “Hi -Times”
2010 - State Art Gallery of Fine Art,madhapur, Hyderabad,India
1997 - J.N.T.U. Art Gallery, Masab Tank,Hyderabad,India.
and other many relevant Galleries.
Art Camps
2016- Celebrating Telangana state Formation JNAFAU Masabtank,Hyd.India
2016- Symposium Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation Tirupati,AP.India
2015- Glorious Telangana culture dept.Govt of Telangana.India.
2013- Art @ Telangana Taramati Baradari,Hyd Telangana.India.
2013- Telugubata conducted by Cultural dept.,Govt. of A.P.
2010 - Songs Of Earth, Sankarpally R.R. Dst.
2010 - State Bank Of Hyd, (Modern Innovative Dependable)
2010 - Potti Sriramulu Telugu university Hyderabad.
2010 - Salarjung Museum, Hyd,(Ministery of Culture, Govt. of India)&British Council.
2009 -TATA Idea Talk For India,in Hyderabad.
2009 - Marratte Hotel Hyderabad.( Integrity and Unity)
My Many Paintings and Sculptures Collected India and Abroad.

Paintings shall be shipped in a rolled format within 6-8 days through reputed couriers only. Please do not accept if the shipment appears damaged/tampered.


If you receive a product that has been damaged/broken in transit, please reach out to me immediately upon receipt of the same, with pictures of the damaged piece, and corresponding details.



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