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VISION Art is :Subjective Art is : Inevitable Art is : You Art is : Me Art is : Everywhere You see Mud, I see Textures. You see Wood, I see Layers. You see a Wall, I see Art. I believe art is prevalent in a million forms and we experiment with just a tiny fraction of it. Inspiration is available in every form around us and art is : intends to chalk up a varied range of products from different parts and specks of the world. ACTION At art is : we provide bespoke wall murals, dressers, mirrors and lamps according to the specific area in question and taking in consideration the preferences of the client - budget, preference of material, color/design choices, abstract/nature inspired elements, if the installation needs to be kid friendly, easy to clean etc. We also design wardrobe handles to give your wardrobes a striking visual appeal We have designed artworks for homes, farm houses, restaurants and corporate offices. Our Inspiration - Nature Our Love - Geometry Our Passion - Metal Our Happy Place - With Paints Our Immediate Goals - To work with Ceramics FUTURE Our love for traveling has inspired us to work on a range of travel pieces as well. The journey only ends when you stop dreaming! Art is : has come a long way and we plan on dreaming a lot more ♥


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			 								With nothing but a passion for creative experimentation, Aashka made art happen for her friends and family long before her passion translated itself literally into a venture – ART IS:
Aashka’s work spoke for itself, and soon enough, she had laid a foundation for her company made of recognition, inspiration and an everlasting desire to better her art. Since its inception in January 2013, ART IS: has been and continues to be one-of-its-kind in the field of customization.

We believe in pushing the envelope of art and not restricting our ideas with definitions and boundaries. While we specialize in wall art, we have also successfully completed a number of projects in wedding and baby shower invites & decor. Customization is our strong suit and we love giving form to your imagination through metal, glass, ceramic, acrylic or really, anything that delights you. If you can think it, we can make it ! :)

We custom-make our art, each artwork is specially designed according to your needs and requirements,and hence, we do not accept returns.
* If you have received a defective product, we will be happy to replace it for you.
Once an order is placed, it takes us about 15 days for manufacturing. (Unless we have the exact thing you ordered in stock.)


We do not provide a refund in case of loss/ damage to the product after the shipment. We can exchange it if the piece is extremely damaged. But be rest assured, that will not be needed.



“Very good product..don't it Seller is very talented..good line of art she has..double thumbs up for origami birds”

faisal MohdApril 17, 2018

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