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Art My Glass
Art My Glass
This shop is switched off right now.
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Welcome to Art My Glass. I am Pavneet Soni, a homemaker turned Stained Glass Artist. My love for glass products and vibrant colours attracted me to learn and pursue Stained Glass Art. All products are handcrafted using original stained glass imported from USA. It is the actual colour of glass and its not painted so this will never fade. At Art My Glass you will find handcrafted sun catchers, wind chimes, lamps, votives, clocks, jewellery, garden stakes and much more. All products are handcrafted which make them one of a kind. I do customise, so feel free to contact me if you want something made on order.


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			 								I am a Stained Glass Artist from Bangalore, India. I graduated in computer science but never had the interest to pursue it. 
All my life I have had a natural inclination to learn mechanics of how things are made be it carpantery, sketch, pottery, anything to do with creating things with my own hands. I never really pursued anything until a few years ago. I started making my own mosaic votives for Diwali. While in search for colored glass to make mosaics I stumbled upon this art form. I instantly fell in love with it.
I enjoy making stained glass home decor products including lamps, clocks, suncatchers, garden stakes, windchimes
I also love to make mosaic mirrors or tending to my balcony garden.

Most products here are ready to ship. If not it will be shipped in 2-3 days. `
I prefer shipping via Fedex/DTDC but in few circumstances where courier is not possible or very expensive, I use Indian speed post.


It is glass and if mishandled during transition, it can break. If you receive a damaged piece, please contact within 2 days of receiving it.
There is no return for customized pieces



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