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We, humans since the beginning of civilization are believed to be great craftsman and India is a land full of narratives crafted in objects, stories, clothes, structure, rituals, myths, beliefs and practices found among its people. All these crafts are embedded in different cultures, geographical areas and times specific to communities, and have continued to evolve rather some also lost itself to time and modernity. Crafting objects through hand using simple tools and skill to match daily needs or decoration purpose is known as Handicrafts or Handmade objects in the present times. Handmade cultures have found themselves deeply associated with Traditional Arts. In the present era they still continue to grow with the same ideology in their respective communities as well as reserved a place in the urban sensibilities. Banerii was started to celebrate and share the love for traditional cultures, arts and crafts practiced across the length and breadth of India. Finding inspiration from its shared cultures, history, people, tales, art practices, techniques and mediums, nature and mythology Banerii rouses from the classic rural Indian essence and blends it into everyday objects. Based in the multicultural capital Delhi, Banerii was founded as a handmade initiative to bring public closer and conscious to handmade cultures and practices. Our aim is also to connect artisans, their craft and art to more people in way to better opportunities with their crafts and business as well as social and commercial benefits to the artisan communities. In the age of factory identical productions and industrialization each Banerii product is unique and smeared with flavors of love, labor and perishable intimacy from every hand it passes through. Each product at Banerii is designed and conceptualized creatively to bring on table a piece that is rooted yet contemporary. We are committed and believe to have just started being a part of this process and are growing every moment.


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			 								A visual artist, practicing across mediums, I have completed a Bachelors in Painting from College of Art, Delhi and a Masters in Visual Arts from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Drawing has always been an integral part of my practice and traditional art and craft practices are found to have cast their spell on me since forever!  Rediscovering this spell and finding it into objects of use is a sincere effort to revisit the wide range of handmade cultures found across India as well as finding a firmer place in the urban sensibility. As a visual art practitioner, based in New Delhi, India, I founded Banerii with the vision to connect larger people to handmade cultures in the times of factory productions and industrialization.  			 								

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