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Boriya Basta
Boriya Basta
This shop is switched off right now.
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Exclusive hand woven Kilim products:

Kilims are produced by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. Kilim weaves are tapestry weaves, technically weft-faced plain weaves, that is, the horizontal weft strands are pulled tightly downward so that they hide the vertical warp strands.
 kilims can be classed as "slit woven" textiles. The slits are beloved by collectors, as they produce very sharp-etched designs, emphasizing the geometry of the weave. Weaving strategies for avoiding slit formation, such as interlocking, produce a more blurred design image.


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			 								Founded by two young designers, Deepika Nigam(Textile Designer) and Surbhi Jain(Accessory Designer) , BORIYA BASTA  is not all that shines and blings. Destination for bohemian and ethno fashion and accessories. 
Offering a unique mix of tradition, craftsmanship, design and the witty concepts that we see around us in our everyday lives. Every piece of BORIYA BASTA is unique and a fine work of craftsmanship. Reflects the cultural threads of the lesser know Indian crafts and a journey to discover them and beyond.
Not just that, you will find the most wacky conceptualized accessories. BORIYA BASTA is your point of disembarkation for the latest in trendy lifestyle products with a splash of local flavor.
The concept behind BORIYA BASTA is to regularly change the inspiring country and offer traditional designs reinterpreted into our western life style. Materials that are converted with strong confidence of every hand movement into breath-taking products.
Celebrating the rare and unexpected kilim bags and footwear by marrying old world traditions with new world design.

Shipping is done in India within 3-5 working days.


We would refund within 3 days of receipt of the product in case of major defects . Kindly note that the slits which are present because of the hand-woven technique of kilim are not defects.


The product delivered can be slightly different from the product displayed in terms of kilim pattern as more than two products can be made from one kilim and kilim does not follow any repeat pattern.


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