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Earth Naturals

Earth Naturals showcases beautiful arts and Crafts works created by Reji Nair who enjoys hand painting exquisite Dot mandala as well as other designs on Coasters, River pebbles, Wall clocks, Wall display units, Pen stands, Coffee tea Mugs, Bottles, Ear pendants, Flower vases and many more - -These hand painted designs are in vibrant multi colour acrylic paints which transforms each of these objects into lovely pieces of art for display. The objects are finished with coats of gloss varnish or lacquer for maintenance and protection. Earth Naturals also features Beautiful Stained Glass paintings done by Reji Nair.


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			 								Earth Naturals is a start up company helmed by Reji Nair, a lady entrepreneur and a creative artist with love for painting and creating exquisite works of art in her spare time. The Earth Naturals Arts & Crafts portfolio features some of Reji's  works showcasing Dot mandala as well as other creative designs hand painting on various objects like River pebbles, Coasters, Clocks, Ear pendants, Wall Display units, Glass Bottles and many more. Reji's work also includes beautiful colorful Stained glass painting.

For Reji,  painting and working on exquisite pieces of art works is a passion which she enjoys fully in her creative endeavour to transform materials like pebbles, wood, ceramic glass etc into beautiful eye catching lovely pieces of art for embellishing homes , offices etc.

Standard lead time for shipping products which are ready with us will be 4 to 5 days from date of receipt of order. However for larger quantities we request additional time of 8 to 10 days for completing the work and onward shipment. All products will be securely packed and shipped through reputed courier. Ordered items typically are delivered within 7 to 8 days max - however in exceptional circumstances due to lockdowns, bandhs or remote location pin codes, the delivery period may be more.


All our products when shipped are packed securely, however in event of items received appears damaged or tampered with, please do not accept same. In case of damaged or wrong supply, please contact Earth Naturals within 2 days of receipt of material, accompanied by a snapshot of the wrong or damaged material.


Since these are hand painted artworks, please do not use water to clean them, The products can be cleaned by simply a light wipe with a soft cloth. Sizes of river pebbles may also vary based on availability. Even though all efforts are made to create identical designs of the pebbles/ coasters or other products with that as displayed on website, there would be some minor shade/ color differences in newly ordered pieces, since each of these objects are individually hand painted, also the pebbles also may have its own naturally formed unique shape or size


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