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Ek Katha
Ek Katha
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‘Ek Katha’ as the name suggests means ‘A Story’, in Hindi. It is an extension of our urge to work with hands and our appreciation of handcrafted techniques and skills. So, each collection is ‘a story’ of numerous hands that weave, wash, sew, embroider, dye, print to create a product. When we use a product we hardly realize and appreciate the people who have worked so hard to procure and make it for us.
‘Ek katha’ believes in standing up for these practices many of which are feeling a strain due to ecological issues and are eventually falling a prey to fast paced industrial practices.
Embracing the challenges and turning them into positives is what we would continuous try at our end, as we go ahead weaving newer stories for ‘Ek katha’ and for all our patrons who believe in responsible consumerism.


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			 								 A graduate in textile design from the National Institute of Design, (NID, Ahmedabad), I acquired a new insight  in terms of my way of looking at ‘Design’ and specifically at craft practices. Working with artisans has its own challenges of different nature; physical, social, environmental, etc.
The crafts practised in Kutch are numerous and by various tribal communities. I was lucky enough to get an exposure to these wonderful people and their highly evolved craft skills while at NID and afterwards as I interned with an NGO based in Ahmedabad.
'Ek Katha' is but naturally the culmination of all those experiences which has inspired me in the development of artisanal clothing and accessories.

Madhumita Nath,
Ek Katha.


The shipping of the products will take an average of 5-6 days.


Our products once sold cannot be exchanged. Most of the pieces are made only after we receive the order. If the parcel happens to be tampered, please do not accept


Our fabrics are completely handmade, hence there will be certain unevenness in the weave or the shade of the dye which according to us is anything but an error.It is the beauty of Handmade artisanal products.


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