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Kiniho is an amalgamation of heritage and trending fashion with sustainable ethics. The label creates minimal, clean and relaxed silhouettes while attempting to hold on to tradition by seamlessly blending traditional hand weaved fabrics. Promoting eco fashion the label mainly uses organic fabrics such as Eri silk which is naturally dyed and hand weaved by the local weavers of Meghalaya and other states of Northeast India. A modern approach to traditional handcrafted fabrics with innovative weaving style and colour blending techniques is the core philosophy of the label. Kiniho strives towards socially responsible methods of production and deliver impeccable ensemble for its customer.


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			 								A Fashion enthusiast who is constantly enamored by exquisite colours, traditions and art forms.My deep rooted love for nature and being raised in a community that weaves and dyes their own fabrics has changed my perception on Fashion. To me Fashion is not only about wearing trendy clothing but also wearing responsibility in the heart. Responsibility to preserve our heritage and basic ethics of sustainable responsibility.This immense inspiration grew which became the reason I started KINIHO.			 								

Dispatch within 3-5 working days via courier


> Refund only when the product is found defective when received. > The product should be return within 14 days from the time it is received.


Care instructions for natural dyed hand woven product. *Do not bleach * Do not dry clean *Use mild laundry soap or detergent while washing * Hand wash is recommended and while washing in the machine avoid using the dryer * Wash separately in cold water as natural dyed fabrics are prone to bleeding in the first 2-3 washes due to excess dye getting washed out *Dry in shade as natural dyed fabrics are not light fast and therefore the fabric will fade in parts when expose to direct sunlight * Steam iron is best for Eri silk, if not press while damp or use spray bottle to dampen the fabric


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