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Kishore Sahoo

Kishore Sahoo is a graduate of B.K. College of Arts – a prominent government Arts institution in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. A first-born and the only male child, Kishore was brought up in Kendrapara, a village town about 100 km from Bhubaneswar - the capital of Odisha (former Orissa). Kishore has always been interested in drawing since young and remembers his childhood as being close to nature - landscapes and animals being his favourite subjects. Kishore won the AIFACS (All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society) State award in 2003. Kishore himself has experimented with many approaches in both technique and subject matter to arrive at his own style. Kishore’s forte has been his watercolour paintings where his play with the tonality of sombre hues accented with lines and silhouettes suggests, rather than illustrates. His watercolour works represent Kishore at his quintessential best - temple gopurams covered with frenetic squiggles alluding to the riot of decorative sculptures; goats in natural and sensual poses; narrow alleys with jostling traffic of vehicles and humanity, criss-crossed by telegraph wires and poles suggesting pandemonium yet promises the unexplored mystery and decay of the timeless old and make-shift new of the Indian quarters (Urban Landscape series).


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			 								Being born in a village was the best thing that ever happened to me. The experiences in such a simple upbringing, the carefree nature of life and the independent flexibility in lifestyle has had a huge impact on who I am today. Animals, temples and nature hold a dear place in my heart and I often include them in my work. There is a bigger picture in all of my paintings and I showcase it through elaborate and intricate patterns. Sometimes I use deeper tones to allow the message to come through, and at other times I portray the idea through the facial expressions of my subjects. An art work can be viewed as a part of the artist's soul and they both combine to form the integral pieces of a puzzle which is synonymous with life itself. Nothing can communicate better than an image, especially when it has been envisioned and made with passion and hard.			 								

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