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Painter's world.

Welcome to Painter's world.
As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others concerning the beauty that exists in the human mind and our surrounding nature. I do not prefer to present the coarseness of object which unnecessarily encumbered my creation instead, I love to reveal the lofty underlying elegance with the language of color and pattern, which consequently speak about my philosophical sense regarding human life and nature. I like to get involved intensely with human beings. By interplaying with individuals, I love to evaluate those unforgettable chapters of the Life book, which turning into dim on the pathway of memory and I want to give them life once more.

During my technique, I especially motivated by the oriental type color making, however, I use some dimensional effects to produce a specified mood, convey my thoughts or feelings and my every single composition offers the rhythm of visual poetry, I make on my canvas.

I love to get experienced with several platforms, such as designs, photography, music, digital art, but as you see those are another outlet of my artistic creation.

My each finished painting whispers not only for me, but for those who never having the ability to focus on their torment, emotion, and other human feelings, I recreated on my canvas. My aspiration is that I would like to see my painting as a representative of humanity and love, who strongly indicate the triumph of humanity and joy.


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			 								I have been working in the field of international contemporary art since 2012 and recognized/honored by several art galleries in the world.
At past my form was based on geometric style, but from this year, I changed my style and form to get involved deeply in my realization regarding human beings. I was inspired to go with abstract form, by Andy Morris, a famous abstract painter of USA, who was my instructor.

My subjects come from several ways such as music, literature, poem but mostly I try to find out those unique incomparable moments which come suddenly and leave some feelings in the pathway of our memory. In my canvas, I want to give them life once more.

I've been awarded and featured several times by international art world, galleries and magazines. I am a listed artist of London art directory as a contemporary artist.

Will be shipped within 3 to 5 days.
Painting on paper will be shipped in roll form and stretched canvas will be in a cardboard box or wooden ply box.
I am working with the shipping company"FedEx' and "Gati". You will be get informed from time to time via mobile SMS or mail regarding the status of shipping if you kindly provide me your number or mail ID before shipping. If packing appears with the damaged condition, please don't accept the packet and inform me as soon as possible by phone or mail.


If artwork received in damaged condition, you will be refunded 100% of your payment.
You will be get paid after the artwork received my me, so it's my kind request, please send the artwork as soon as possible.


All my paintings are signed by me and you will receive my painting with authentication certificate and invoice. Feel free to contact me for any additional information. I will be happy to assist you.


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