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paintings by shiv kumar soni
paintings by shiv kumar soni
paintings by shiv kumar soni

This profile contains handmade paintings like canvas painting,water color,oil paintings,acrylic color paintings.
Works uploaded here are 100% original and affordable in price painted by artist Shiv Kumar Soni.

In these paintings the artist want to present the imaginations and memories of the 'CHILDHOOD'. which everybody miss rest of his life.


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			 								ABOUT THE ARTIST

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by.....

A little about me :)

I was born in 1992 at bidasar,churu (rajasthan) & moved to jaipur in 2007 for proper fineart education & try to making my art scene .......

After passing 10+2 I got admission in a fine art college the 'Rajasthan school of art,Jaipur'.

There I worked on sketching,drawing etc & been quite in learning. I visited most of the exhibitions at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. During the study I usually participated in any art competitions & exhibitions. In my third year of b.v.a. I did a group show of paintings with some other artists of the college. That time was truly amazing for me. I received many inspiring comments & feed backs from artists & visitors & learned more about art & their presentation.

I did my first solo show 'THE CHILDHOOD' in 2015. I received many feed backs and very good response from the visitors.

In my work, as a technique I like to work in all mediums but watercolor is my favorite. I usually paint with acrylic colour in water coloured style.

In my paintings I want to show the things which I have seen and observed in the childhood. I enjoyed very much with beautiful thing like kites,birds,balloons,toys,hats,and playing in rainy weather,imagining ownself over the clouds,flying with kites and many beautiful things which everybody feels or imagines in their childhood.So usually I depict these all things in my paintings.the essence of childhood has still not gone away from my heart. These beautiful things I paint sometimes with two children whom I have named "Puppy & Chicky". I imagine them & paint in my own creative style.
Else these i love to paint landscapes in water color.

I always try to do my best..I make a lot of mistakes but i learn something from them...

so I am doing things which make me feel good and also hoping the same for others...



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