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Savannas Landscape
Savannas Landscape
Savannas Landscape
This shop is switched off right now.
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Savannas is all about converting any material into something more craetive and beautiful. At the moment, I have combined my passion for plants with creative and quirky ideas for pots.

Im sure you agree that, plants create an aura of positivity and good energy. Don’t we all smile at a flowering plant or the smell of the first rain. We are surrounded by a digital and concrete world and there isn’t a better way to add some cheer to your desk while at work, but, by adding some simplicity, some warmth, some greenery to remind us that the simple things in life always makes life more beautiful and worth living.

At Savannas, we only use the most beautiful and unique plants like the Sacred Jade plant and Air plants amongst others that require less maintenance and just a sprinkle of water every other day. All plants are presented in designer pots that add a touch of elegance with style which also double up as tea light holders.

All our products are handmade and made with a personal touch and are completely natural. We assure you a lifetime guarantee, but of course our plants will only survive with a guarantee of care and love from your side.


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			 								Hi, I'm Anesha Menon, I am an artist and love designing and creating with any new material or medium I come across. I always look for opportunities to convert raw materials into something beautiful. 
I design articles made of Marble and beautiful Jaisalmer stone. I combine that with my passion for plants and have come up with a collection of quirky and elegant pots with succulent plants mostly for indoor and corporate use like paperweights with plants.

Apart from that, I have always made Canvas art with Sculptural materials and now mostly with Charcoal.

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