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Seva Charitable Trust
Seva Charitable Trust
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SEVA (DEVOTED TO SAVING TIGERS, WILDLIFE & MOTHER EARTH). our approach is to empower tribal communities living in forest and to create sustainable livelihoods and thereby reduce their dependence on forest and thereby save forest and wildlif. These products are hand made b the ladies living inside the forest .we have trained them to use all natural resources available in forest to make eco friendly products. We have made home decor lights using plastic bottles and have collected up to 1lakh bottles and upcycled them. We made hand woven jute boxes and baskets with natural dyes.


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			 								SEVA (DEVOTED TO SAVING TIGERS, WILDLIFE & MOTHER EARTH).  Seva Charitable Trust registered in Mumbai and able to work anywhere across India, serving our environment and issues related to wildlife.
Seva’s approach is to create self-employment for those who are a part and parcel of nature, the real guardians of the forests - the people who live within the forests. To provide them with the skills they need to become more independent of the forest's limited resources and live in harmony within their environment. 
1) Plastic bottle recycling: A major initiative of keeping the forest clean and giving employment to the tribal ladies.
2)Tribal kitchen: All these above programmes are run with the active participation of tribal women. The Tribal kitchen being very popular, women make food in the forest, after nature trails and tree plantation drive, the visitors enjoy the food cooked in a traditional way by the tribal women.
3) Handicrafts : Seva teaches them to make jute baskets

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