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Sharmi Dey

Self taught artist Sharmi Dey's works comprise of vivid, bright colors which stand out from each other bordered by sharp, clear outlines which give the images an almost Cubist effect. Strong, clear cut borders and subtle, semi abstract shading give a depth to the seemingly simple sketches which make up each figure. A similar effect is seen in the backdrops, which contain very few figures and colors, but are given extra dimension and texture with the help of highlights and shadows.


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			 								About: "I never pursued art. Instead art pursued me since childhood. As a kid I was quite passionate about it, but as time and expectations took lead, I ended up doing an MBA with decent grades. It somehow didn't satisfy or complete my perspective of living. I felt lost and always wanted to do something which I was passionate about. And then it happened! The moment where I realised I could turn towards a canvas and sketch my heart out. I could clearly define that moment. It was loud enough to tell me that this is what is I can do for the rest of my life. I then started training myself in the field, attended shows and have learned the technicalities from few renowned artists. Every time I paint it shows who I am and my art language is that of a human heart. I have attended a few exhibitions in Kolkata and Chennai,"

Artworks shall be shipped rolled through reputed courier services. Please do not accept shipment if it appears damaged/tampered with on arrival.


Images are closest representation of actual painting. However there could be minor variations between the image and the actual painting due to media limitation. I do not accept returns. In the rare event of receiving a defective/wrong artwork, please reach out to me with images, and I shall be happy to help.



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