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The Bicyclist: Leather Goods and Accessories
The Bicyclist: Leather Goods and Accessories

The Bicyclist is a brand of leather bags and accessories designed for a meaningful existence and a functional purpose. Each of our products have been handcrafted by experienced leather craftsmen who value quality and precision above all. The Bicyclist is a metaphor for the self-made individual, the one who is transported because of their own efforts. The purpose of The Bicyclist is, to evoke passion and independent thought, to walk with the dreamers and be inspired by their dreams, to respect the context of design, evolution and sustainability, to celebrate love and life, which should always reflect in our handmade objects, “Being The Bicyclist is a choice.” Believing in ‘The Spirit of Pursuit’ that reveals the endless possibilities of becoming is our choice.


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			 								The Bicyclist designs and makes leather bags and accessories to build a relationship with the owner over time. To be a part of
their stories. Our designs are minimal and functional in nature. We design with a personality in mind, not the trend and are made to highlight
the beautiful properties of leather. Our bags and accessories are handmade by experienced craftsmen with the best grade of leather available to us. We believe the value of handcrafted creations and thus offer limited production of the designs and through our work, we hope to spread the idea of slow-fashion and celebrate the amazing value of time and use.			 								

Shipping costs are calculated based on the cumulative weight of entire order and are different for domestic and international delivery. In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i.e. wrong name, address or contact number ) any extra cost towards re-delivery shall be claimed by the user placing the order. Shipment/delivery time, of the order processing, starts from the day of receipt of the payment confirmed against the order placed with The Bicyclist. The Bicyclist shall not be liable for any delay / non-delivery of purchased goods by flood, fire, wars, acts of God or any cause that is beyond the control of The Bicyclist. The user must agree to provide authentic and true information, to avoid any kind of delay or loss of merchandise. The Bicyclist reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by the user at any point of time.


The Bicyclist acknowledges the return of products only limited to direct sale between vendor and consumer. This only entails sale online, and not through retail outlets. Once a product has been purchased we will only facilitate an exchange, no return will be accepted. Any product that has been hampered or damaged while transportation MUST be notified by email within 48 hours of the product being delivered and returned to our warehouse within a strict time period of one week, else The Bicyclist will not be liable to accept the merchandise. In such cases, the customer will have to write to us and a prompt response is guaranteed from our end. We will investigate the damage from our end and repair the merchandise in entirety.


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