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The Happy Paper Co.
The Happy Paper Co.

Your daily newspaper gets a cool and funky makeover at The Happy Paper Company. Our products are designed from the heart to add some style to your homes.

Most of you forget about your daily newspaper after your morning breakfast or well, after your visit to the pot! The monthly cleanup to give them away to the Kabadiwala is your last interaction with them. Well for us that’s where the action starts!

We believe that the newspaper has a higher purpose and deserves a longer stay in your home! That’s why we decided to give them a new lease of life, once their primary job is done!

And we care for the environment!

The friendly neighbourhood Kabadiwala is our best friend as he brings us our daily supply of ingredients for the master recipe!

With some quirky, whimsical and sometimes wonderful (we like to believe that!) design inputs, a burst of rich color and some romantic madness we transform the newspaper into ‘Happy Paper’!

And voila! Rest is for you to see!

Do come by and say Hi! Over a cup of tea! ;)


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			 								I am Priyanka, founder and Designer at The Happy Paper Co.
I believe that everyday objects and products which we otherwise take for granted can also be an inspiration for good design.

So with this philosophy in mind I up-cycle discarded materials and create products that gives them a new life and a new avatar.

Fused with bright and vibrant colors, Happy Paper's products aspire to rejuvenate your life and give you a reason to smile everyday. :)


The Happy Paper Co. will deliver your purchased Rugs to your doorstep, normally 2 weeks from the date of placing the Purchase Order on the website and realization of purchase order amount. If your premises are located within a gated and/or high rise complex, then you agree to make available adequate arrangements for smooth carriage by the carrier from such main gate of the complex to your doorstep irrespective of the floor of your premises. You agree to ensure that access is suitable for the delivery of the products to your desired location


Products sold once are non refundable.
We refund only if the product is damaged or broken.

We take every care to make sure your order reaches you in good condition. However, sometimes, our products do get damaged in transit.


If the product has reached you damaged, please send us a photograph of the product within 24 hours of receiving it.

However, we will not accept damage claims filed more than 24 hours after delivery.
Kindly note that the Product should be unused.



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