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Linen is pure as an infants giggle. its soft as a toddler's kiss and subtle charm as a girl's laughter. Linen is nostalgia of summer holidays, of freshly baked cookies, fragrance of first rains and feel of unconditional love. TISI is about being comfortable in our own skin, in no competition with others. It stands apart in the crowd without any hesitation. TISI is about YOU, not of trends or seasons ... TISI offers 100% pure linen kids apparel, most of our raw material being sourced from Europe. Handmade in home, not in a factory. A kid friendly apparel without itchy tags. With its tasteful contemporary designs and unmatched comfort… it's sure to be your kids favourite…


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			 								TISI means "flax" which is the source of linen.
Having served in Indian Army and corporate sector for 10 years, my heart yearned to do more.
On my quest of searching for sustainable fabric for my children , I bumped into linen.
There was huge dearth of linen apparel in this part of world.
Linen is a green product  by nature. It's moisture absorbency, non allergic, durability makes it an ideal fabric for kids wear.
My passion for everything natural, chic, vintage and simple made me found TISI.

Apparel would be shipped once confirmation is done. Shipping will be done within 7-8 working days , although we will try to ship at the earliest.


TISI apparel are handcrafted and designed to perfection by humans (not by machines) so minor irregularities are beauty of such products. Returns are only entertained purely if any defect is found and notified to us within 5 days after the arrival of the product. You can ask for replacement if any defect is found in the product .The replaced product will be shipped according to the availability. We are friendly team :-) Should you have any problem, we are happy to help.


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