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Vernika Singh

I used to fear water bodies but was always attracted to marine life, especially the corals. Their presence always made me wonder how something so beautiful could be hidden under the waters of these gigantic gloomy oceans. I wanted to dive into the ocean and experience the underwater world, but my fear always stopped me. I started expressing my desires through paintings, when all of a sudden I wanted to overcome my fear of water. I started learning how to swim and to my surprise I enjoyed it! Since then, painting became more than just the portrayal of my imagination. It became a medium of expressing myself and overcoming my fears. I started seeing a whole new world of possibilities. Over time, whenever I had a desire I would paint it, and things would start to feel better. I didn’t even realise that gradually I was portraying the phases of my life in the form of frozen oceans. I started representing the metaphor ‘breaking the ice’ by showing the literal breakage of ice in my paintings. They started to take a more abstract form as I played around with forms and colours. For months I made complete black and white paintings representing the dark phase. As my fear vanished, the paintings had more colors. It became a spontaneous thing, and I would just let the paints take over and upon completion it felt like the reason was there all along. I create works not to simply be seen but to be experienced by people, as my purpose is to make an honest connection between my canvas and the viewer’s emotions.


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			 								Originally from Uttar Pradesh, Vernika lives and works in New Delhi. Totally self-taught, she has been painting in acrylics for the past seven years and has picked up most of the needed skills outside of art school. She paints independently, seeking out what interests her most, specifically abstracts. She uses abstract art to represent her emotions and phases of life in the form of elements of the ocean. She has participated in a few solo exhibitions such as Abstracts - By Vernika at Cafe De Art and Lodi-The Garden Restaurant, New Delhi (2017), and many group shows like Summer Symphony, Lokyata Art Gallery, New Delhi (2017), Summer Vibes, Uchaan Art Gallery, Gurugram (2017) and Autumn Abstracts, ArtLife Gallery, Noida (2015). She recently took the workshop ‘Abstract Expressions with Vernika’ at ATM Bistro in Sunder Nagar, New Delhi (2017). 

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