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Sanjay Guhathakurta
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Sanjay Guhathakurta



I am Sanjay Guhathakurta founder of Project rangamaati,which is a Grassroot initiative to Empower Artisans of Bengal to break free from Exploitation & Poverty by enabling them to achieve financial independence through Sales of their handicrafts and handloom products. We specialize in natural, craft-based contemporary handicrafts & handloom weaving thus providing rural craft persons a platform to use traditional generations old intangible skills. It is a one-stop destination for Authentic & Exclusive Eco-Friendly cottage and rural Industry based Handwoven Clothing & hand Crafted Crafts from remotest Villages of Bengal. We have set a vision of facilitating livelihood for rural artisans with a holistic approach, which includes sustainable development concepts: Revival of Languishing Craft & Facilitating market through eCommerce & Retail Sale.