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Sripriya Mozumdar
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Sripriya Mozumdar



Sripriya Mozumdar was born in Chennai, brought up in Mumbai, is married into Bengal and lives and paints in Mumbai.
An ex-marketing professional, Sripriya is a self-taught artist inspired by the art and techniques of the Dutch Masters. An observant eye and a fixation for perfection are evident in Sripriya’s photorealistic still lifes and portraits. They make one immerse in beauty and appreciate everything as divine, never mundane.
Sripriya says: “I paint out of sheer amazement – in wondrous awe of the beauty surrounding me. The mingling of light and shade, the separation of color and tone, the visible and even the invisible – the vastness within the smallest, the wonders within the mundane – they all make the world seem like one animated canvas.

My art is about humble adoration. From the luxury of pausing to stand and stare. Of a never-ending journey into the infinite. Of the attempt to discover God within the detail.”

Bombay Art Society's 123rd Annual Art Exhibition - Jehangir Art Gallery - February 2015
India Art Festival, New Delhi - January 2016
Affordable Art Fair Singapore - April 2016