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Richana Khumanthem
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Richana Khumanthem



Richana Khumanthem was born and brought up in Imphal, a quaint little city tucked away in the northeast region of India. She has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi and a Master's degree in Fashion Business & Management from Nottingham Trent University, UK. Brought up in a community that follows Paganism, Richana grew up amidst fascinating folktales, myths and legends. This influence clearly shows through in her concepts as well as her design collections. Richana strives to bring the textiles of Northeast India, and Manipur in particular, to the forefront of both the national and international fashion industry. She BELIEVES this can be achieved only by bridging the gap between the local artisans and the consumers. Every piece of indigenous handloom has a story to tell. It is these stories, behind every motif, every textile that will ultimately be the binding force between the artisans and consumers, not as two separate strata of the same glamorous industry, but as one entity who understands, feels and cherish the depth and history behind every handloom creation.