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Sonali Sarkar
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Sonali Sarkar



Cupkin is a homegrown, handmade fashion accessory ventured by Sonali Sarkar

From the owners mouth -
Our passion for the handcrafted is what keeps us going. Each and every piece that we sell is handmade or handpicked by us. We love to sport a new look each season, and hence our designs keep changing – after all, we want our customers to keep refreshing their look to stay relevant and hip. So yes, we’re young, hip and very affordable.

What drives us is customer satisfaction. It is our guiding philosophy which is why we are always scouring for latest trends that we customize, while making sure our collection remains affordable.

Cupkin therfore is a labour of our love; which means that together the both of us are responsible for every aspect - from sourcing to designing to managing logistics, sales and running the show. We do it all, and we do it together.