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Abdul kadir Bhandari
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Abdul kadir Bhandari



Few products have undergone an evolution as dramatic as the watch has over the years. From being a useful tool for telling the time, it became a fashion accessory and post-that, a wearable communication device. Today, the Burberrys, Fossils and Calvin Kleins watch in dismay as Apple and Google make a forays into the market. It was in this scenario that two entrepreneurs with an artistic bend of mind dared to launch a wooden analog watch brand recently. Tsar (meaning Emperor in Russian) is a lifestyle watch brand that sells wooden watches.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Things that lure us today may not possess the same charm over time; with repetitive designs and dreary concepts in line of production. That is what’s happening in the watch market where stainless steel, leather and silicon have become synonymous with nuts and bolts.

Observing this downhill slope in the market, hostel mates in Mumbai – Haider Ali (left) and Abdul Kadir Bhandari (right) (Founders of TSAR) were prompted to look deeper. Haider stumbled upon the idea of wooden watches. It was certain that the product was not available in India, making the prospect even more challenging.

The idea was that Stainless steel, leather, and silicon watches is been used from almost a century and its high time to evolve. Being the only company in the production of wooden watches in the Indian subcontinent.

‘Every wrist is our real estate’
-Team Tsar