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Otimber Enterprises
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Otimber Enterprises



Vaishnav(The go to guy)
"While not pursuing his B.Com degree to advance sales for Otimber, Vaishnav likes to take the bike out and head to the hills - just for the view. A true-bred Calicuteerian, if not for his entrepreneurial skills, this 22 year old will be out their trying out new stuff from places to cuisines to even the most random movies. Risk taker is his middle name and any new product out in the Otimber arena will have the experimental hand of this serial 'try-outter'. Got a new idea? Put it across to Vaishnav and he will definitely get the cogs running into making it a reality. Only one time you can't disturb him - while he is having his favourite porotta and gobi chilly."

Vishnu (The whiz kid)
"For qualification sake, this 22 year old has a mechanical engineer degree from Anna University. But his tryst with anything mechanical began with an early liking to everything that he could dismantle - from the engine of a bike to CNC routers and even the cranky old transistor. Machines to Vishnu is like old paintings to art collectors or food to the foodie - well you get the idea, right? He is constantly trying to put pieces together to mix and match a variety of uses from a single product. Innovation comes naturally to this whiz, giving Otimber the variety that makes the company unique. Always on the look out for the next big thing, he wants to labour his brains day in an out until a result is achieved."