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Sonali Brid
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Sonali Brid



My fledgling days got me exploring and creating experimental embroideries for export houses, designers and working on the 40th anniversary Ralph Lauren collection, where my experiments with surface ornamentation's and accessories were picked up and appreciated.
After exploring the Mumbai skies as a design fledgling ,I took off on my own dream trail and nestled in, back in Pune, my home perch , to give wings to my dream...The Indian Sparrow…born from a heart that nestles in the joys of rambling through the hinterlands of India, feathered with imagination, picking and bundling unassuming twigs and creating a nest, that cherishes the warmth and joy of these beautiful musings.....
I took off picking and curating twigs that I adored....and have finally launched my maiden label of hand-loom inspired I am creating twigs of imagination...just for you.

Sonali Brid,
The Indian Sparrow.