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Simran Khorana
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Simran Khorana



Inspiration is the fuel for an artist. I got my first inspiration on internet when I stumbled on a few diy blogs and started with creating a television remote holder with whatever I had in hand. This is how my new journey began. I am on my way to becoming a self taught artist who makes handcrafted products for home decor, a photographer and an upcycle enthusiast who is always inspired to re-purpose old stuff or junk into something new and useful, not to forget I am a huge foodie and travel junkie. This is what keeps me inspired to create. So if you are about to discard anything which is junk to you, pls do reach us before you do that. I would love to up-cycle it for you.

I love nature and am drawn towards the bright colors of it. I often use the beauty of it in my work. I have also learned that my best work comes when I am just playing around with the art supplies and using them in different ways than the customary use.

For me every home says something about its owner and has a personality to reflect. Art is the best way to do so.

Simran Khorana,