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Tushna Patell
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Tushna Patell



Tushna Patell, Designer and Jewelsmith - expresses her love for natural Semi-precious and Precious stones, enveloped in metals like Silver, Brass and Alloy. Designed to bring out the earthiness of the Stone, she combines them with unusual metal textures to create eclectic Jewel~art - jewellery that is deceptively uncomplicated and intriguing, all at the same time.
Alongside her Silver/Brass/Alloy Jewellery, she also designs and customises Gold/Diamond/Precious stones/Platinum Jewellery on order basis.

She has been certified by the Jasani Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacturing, Sri Nathibai Damodar Thackersay University, Mumbai; and has extensive experience working at high-end jewellery houses in Mumbai and Chennai.