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Japneet Keith
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Japneet Keith



Japneet Keith's time on the pottery wheel got a formal start when she enrolled as a student of Industrial Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, in 2005. Her initial days at the NID, were spent exploring the possibilities two and three dimensional mediums and the possibilities of various materials. Her interest in ceramics and glass ultimately lead her to select pottery as her true calling. She honed her skills under the watchful eyes of the master, Shantanu Jena.
After completing the course, she joined a ceramic studio in Pune to gain first hand knowledge of various production techniques and best practices.
She set up a small studio in 2007 to work on those improbable things that often make their appearances on the pottery wheel. It was a time of intense introspection when she learned the possibilities and limits of clay and glass. She went on to establish a more formal studio in 2010, with a space for people to explore the materials and learn.
Japneet developed programmes and workshops in her studio to help people explore the wonderful mediums of glass and ceramics. But the progression of her workshops was not skill-based or course-based.
It was designed to introduce people to this wonderful, tactile and often quirky medium. You learn along the way that as you mould clay, clay moulds you.
Red Mug is the next stage of the journey.