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Rakhi Sinha
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Rakhi Sinha



Hi! I am Rakhi Sinha from NOIDA, India. A writer by profession, I always craved to integrate art in my life. Fond of traveling, culture, art, & food, I wanted to intermix all this love among as many parts of the world as possible. Eventually, in 2012, I came up with the concept of Store Utsav (pronounced as: ootsav) and in July 2013 the venture pilot test began. My company was formally registered in July 2015.

Through my store, I try to promote & establish a creative space of impressive things, all handmade and eco-friendly. Hand chiseled jewelry, hand woven clothing, and handcrafted decor pieces & festive decorative, I bring these and more of such 'handful' delights to the art lovers like you. I with my team of artisans, follow the traditional methods of their creation employing natural raw material, which take anything from few hours to several days to months. Diluting the boundaries, I wish to share the legacy & the aesthetic pleasure of artistry with everyone, anywhere.

Today, within a short span, Store Utsav engages me for good and I enjoy the creative kick it gives me and the art lovers like you. Each piece of my store is a story that brings you joy. It adds a classy grace to your living or work space as artifact and to your celebrations as festive decorative. So, enjoy the imaginative leaps and the creative highs with Store Utsav. Happy Shopping! :)