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Seema Ghiya
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Seema Ghiya



She realized she could dip her brush in colors and say all she could without using words. And, she never looked back…
Just like an artist who believes in life, Seema Ghiya is a genre painter whose works depict those moments of life wherein one feels alone and immersed in one’s thoughts. She loves to paint the people who breathe and feel, and those who love and lose. She chooses the ordinary life of a human being as subject of her paintings.
Seema hails from the Pink city- Jaipur in Rajasthan. She is B.A. Hons in Drawing and Painting. Besides being an amazing artist, she is also a great homemaker and food enthusiast. Her source of encouragement comes from her husband Sunil, a Chartered Account by profession, and their two artistically inclined sons. The quote by Vincent Van Gogh, “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting,” is very close to her heart.
Depicting Indian settings and culture is her passion. Her paintings are pictorial representations of scenes or events from every arena of life like domestic settings and street scenes where she unabatedly uses her imagination with artistic freedom.

Seema is gifted with the show of power from above and paints with boundless expressiveness. She is most absorbed when she is in her professional settings. With her canvas as the screen and brush as the keyboard, she writes her speech endlessly playing with strokes of light and shades. The representation which may be realistic or imagined brings alive the eternal beauty of life.

Her genre of painting spread over portraits, landscapes, seascapes, architecture and figurative works mainly crafted in water colors and soulfully rooted in Indian rituals, beliefs, festivities, and traditions.

She lives art. She dreams art. Her day starts and ends with art. When she is not painting her creative forces remain connected with her soul that palpates only art…

She reaffirms what Alberto Giacometti said, “Object of art is not to reproduce reality but to create a reality with the same intensity.”

Come, feast your eyes! Here is the artist and her creations…