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Jay Rege
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Jay Rege



I, along with my wife Jothsna started Paaduks in 2013 when we stumbled upon an article that discussed the possible reuse of scrap tyres as footwear soles. Excited about this idea, we decided to give it a try. But with no idea on how to go about making shoes, we went door hopping down the dingy alleys of Thakkar Bappa Colony and areas around Kurla station, where many cobblers reside and work. After talking to a few of these cobblers and learning how shoes and sandals are made, after a few trial and errors we managed to get a few pairs of sandals made with soles made from discarded tyres.... and thus began the journey.

Today at Paaduks, we make eco-friendly hand crafted footwear with soles of up-cycled rubber such as discarded tires, used conveyor belts, old rubber mats. Additionally, we run a cobbler welfare initiative aimed at supporting our craftsmen in leading a prosperous life. Cobblers are the backbone of our venture. They deserve to be remunerated for their skills and hard work. We pay our cobblers nearly three times the average industry standard in India, in an attempt to stabilize their financial condition and reduce exploitation of their specialized profession. In the whole process, we sincerely adhere to guidelines of internationally accepted Fairtrade standards