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Preine Pereira
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Preine Pereira



I am Preine Pereira and founder of Palasa.

Palasa was born out of passion for transforming homes, offices and retail spaces alike through the versatility of planters.

I believe that a little bit of green can bring the much needed vibrance to the otherwise dull concrete jungles around us.

Our products celebrate effortless convergence of man with nature. Not only are the planters beautiful but also aids in adding greenery to any environment. Just throw in a couple of planters and notice how the place brightens up instantly.

All my products are handmade and can be customised as well.
With the help of a few local skilled artisans, we create fiberglass planters that are aesthetically designed and suited to all climates.

They are unbreakable and weather resistant.

I also manufacture self-watering planters that are useful to many who are constantly traveling or beginners in gardening.

Hope you love our products!