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Seethai Bagavathi
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Seethai Bagavathi



Brand name : ADVA and DVAA

ADVA is a fashion brand which focuses to create functional wear for modern woman in India and all around. Any woman wherever in the world who loves, lives and breathes the vibrancy of Indian prints and influences will find a little bit of herself in our collection. It is predominantly contemporary and delves deep into our rich heritage of colours, textures , prints and embroideries to combine them to create international appeal.
The "ADVA" product line comprises of women’s designer wear, women's contemporary clothing, indo western clothing and contemporary accessories..etc
On the contrary "DVAA" is a sub brand under ADVA which deals only with western wear and makes sense for people who admire and welcome radical ideas."DVAA"will comprise of handcrafted women's western clothing using high quality natural fabrics and intense detailing.
"DVAA" will satisfy the craving of fashion's latest trends by its simple and trendy creations. "DVAA" seeks to express it's beauty of simplicity through craft and clothing.
"DVAA" comprises a product range of modern western wear women’s clothing and accessories.

Seethai Bagavathi ,
Advaa & Dvaa.