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Liza Chawla
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Liza Chawla



Chhoti Si Asha is a social enterprise that works to build sustainable livelihoods for underprivileged women in the slum communities of Chandigarh, India. As part of the initiative, we run two programs – “Stitch-a-living” – a social enterprise where slum women are trained to make various kind of high quality handbags and home accessories, “Janta Colony Library” – an after school program for the children of the slum. As part of "stitch-a-living" - we train slum women to make high quality, chic marketable products like handbags, home accessories and fashion accessories. Our focus is to work with them on skills that they already have like stitching, weaving, crochet work, knitting etc and develop products that are marketable and chic. All products are made by the slum women as part of the "stitch-a-living" program of Chhoti Si Asha. Our design process is very unique and organically developed by the women as well as volunteers and our customers. Therefore, each bag or product of ours