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Sayali Tate
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Sayali Tate



Crafts Bite was established in 2015 as a parent company of Sense Bite Design Studio. it’s a group of crafty people.

Tribal designs and fabric is the basic concept of my products. I always had an idea to start up with something innovative and creative which you barely to get in market, like you have it in your imagination but do not know how to get it in actual. So I started these different product range with keeping in mind this concept.

Our products have a vast range of fabric jewellery, bottle art, wall hangings and many more. Soon we will be launching more innovative and creative product rage in near future. These products are very attractive, light in weight, unique designs. All products are 100% handy crafted. Best combination of hand embroidery and fabric.
I had always two things in my mind, one is to save our beautiful nature and another is to give something back to our society. Keeping in mind these two things, I wanted to contribute my small portion through these innovative product range. These products are the best example for "Best from the West". It will hardly create any waste back to environment. In fact it uses the west and unusable products which are harmful to the environment, who gives bad face to our beautiful nature, if not properly recycled.

Also under Crafts bite my next vision is to create best opportunity for creative people and help needy women or persons. I think this is how I can contribute back to my society from where I have taken so much till now.
So let's get into it and enjoy the variety of beautiful, creative, eco friendly range of products.

Sayali Tate,
Crafts Bite.