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Deepali Mundra
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Deepali Mundra



I do not make any preliminary sketches or work up on preconceived ideas about my art. It comes to me naturally. My artworks are not constructed upon a sole, selected theme. My mood is the driving force on which I base my art upon and it is evident in my works. I like to depict spirituality and aestheticism in my paintings and the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies are dominant in my works. I like to follow bright colours and gentle curves to bring about the details in my paintings and let the composition evolve naturally.
Education: Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Ajmer
Research work on ‘The depiction of Radha in
Kishangarh style of paintings’

Achievements: Second rank holder in Masters Degree
Published paintings in Audi Art Book

Solo Shows: 2014- Gallery The Art Place, Gurgaon.[H.R.]
2007- G.R.D.Ankleshwar Hall, Ratlam [M.P.]
2007- Kama Munsi Hall, Ankleshwar, Gujarat
2008- Ram Leela Ground, Vapi, Gujarat

Group Shows: 2016 – Prabodhankar thakare kaladalan art
gallery. Mumbai
2016 –state gallery of fine arts, Hyderabad.
2015- ‘Aakarshan’, by Uchaan Arts.
2015- Lexicon Art Show, by “women’s era”
2015 - Pritam Lal Dua Art Gallery, Indore
2015- “Art - close to my heart” at Fraser
Suites Hotel. Delhi.

2014- Lexicon Art Show, by “women’s era”
magazine, at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

2014- Breathing Canvas, Pritam Lal Dua Art
Gallery, Indore

2014- Art Evolution 2014, Birla Academy of
Art and Culture, Kolkata

2014- All India contemporary art exhibition
Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur,

2014- Pritam Lal Dua Art Gallery, Indore
2013- Pritam Lal Dua Art Gallery, Indore
2013- Colour Serenity, Nehru centre,
2012- Art show at Icon, Gurgaon
2012- Art show at Aralise, Gurgaon
2012- Beauty & Beholders, Rasa Art Gallery,
2012- Audi art show at Audi car show room
Paintings published in audi art book.
2012- Conspiring colours at Hotel Sayaji,
2011- Sangeet and Kala Academy, Bhopal
2011- Colour Code 2011 at Hotel Sayaji,
2010- Rang Sharad 2010 at Pritam Lal Dua
art gallery, Indore
2010- Roopakan 2010 by Art & Heart
Cultural Society, Indore
2009- Monsoon Art Show at Kamalnayan
Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009- Taman Ismail Marjuki, Jakarta,