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Purvi Soni
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Purvi Soni



Purvi as a clothing label is deeply rooted in its Indian origin and rich vibrant cultures. Employing technics from various forms of arts, crafts, fashion and Life. Having mesmerising collections which brings new experiences and connects with one’s deep rooted emotions of origins and life. Each thread speaks about the story of where it came from, where it has been and which part of culture, art and life it has experienced which gives birth to an outfit that will stimulate memories from your past. Purvi as a brand, is started by Purvi Soni. A person of simple origins with a true calling in fashion. She had her humble encounters with fashion via Jewellery industry. After completing her degree in fashion it was the right time to make a cross jump into TV Shows for designing / styling. Working with renowned actors / actresses as well as organisations, her destination was already set. After many years and flighting for creative freedom and unable to fulfil her thrist for fashion it was t