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Neha Sahu
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Neha Sahu



As an art enthusiast and a dreamer Neha apprehends the footwear as a medium for visually displaying what lies within and how comfortably we step into this world. Bugs and birds, flowers and petals, cartoons and sculptures have always galvanized everyone’s eyes but to reflect the amalgamation of this quirky, idiosyncratic specimen with the nature and rich heritage stands as a streak for Neha. Owing to the fact that India is a land of diversity and its roots are lying in its heritage of art, the leitmotif is to bring to you a swarm of winsome leather juttis that upholds the trinket of a true artisan with eagerness to re-cultivate the seed of fashion for the folks that wear, fathoms, adore its ethnicity, elegance,class and culture.
Unblemished finish, fidelity towards the quality and quirkiness of the product are the major parameters that she counts while putting her collection on the shelf. She started off her journey in the search of that exemplary pair of shoes. She fitted her foot in those pretty stilettoes, wedges and sparkling flip flops but found her heart immersed in juttis. So she thought that now it’s the right time to share that expressive compositions with family, friends and people around.