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Amit Kothari
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Amit Kothari



Tree art Inc is a brand which was created in 2013 by Anshini Parikh and Amit Kothari with the idea of curating prints and different products using those prints.

Our products include scarfs, stoles, dupattas, juttis, ballerinas and shoes. We at tree art bind prints and colors under no boundaries. We use from the most bright colors to earthy colors. We use traditional prints/ motifs as well as contemporary prints / motifs.

Our work include hand drawn designs, digitized designs and even a combination of both. We love to experiment with motifs, designs, textures, colors.

We use pure fabrics such as tussore, silk, Georgette, crape, khadi, cotton, etc.

The block printed cloth that we use is natural colors and hand dyed. We also work extensively in digital printing. One fascinating thing about digital printing is that it gives a wider scope of experimentation with different traditional as well as western designs for creation of customized and distinctive prints.

We believe in creating unique prints and products. Our designs are inspired from a mix of cultures and Indian influences.